Dr. Danielle McGinnis

Danielle is the owner and founder of AlphaFemme.


Danielle is a  Doctor of Physical Therapy, but after many years in the strength and conditioning and personal development space, she has decided to practice as a holistic health and wellness doctor.


She places a large emphasis on delivering content that acts as a catalyst in order for you to take empowered action steps to change your life.

Danielle started AlphaFemme because she believes each and every person is capable of reaching their personal goals if he or she is appropriately aligned with their vision and purpose.


Through Danielle's experience in athletics, her doctoral education, and through experiential learning, she has discovered that the correlation between health and wellness and a fulfilling lifestyle is far beyond just the physiologic changes from sets and reps.

Movement is way to further incorporate the concepts of self awareness, discipline, and self discovery.

Danielle uses the same principles and ideals from her self discovery journey to inspire and lead others onto a positive, well-rounded health and wellness path.

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Education and Experience

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT)

  • M.A in Coaching and Athletic Administration

  • B.S. in Exercise Physiology

  • Over 7 years of Personal Training Experience

  • Owner and Founder of AlphaFemme

  • Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for AlphaFemme

  • Holistic Health Coach for AlphaFemme's Born to Heal E-Course


Megan Leskody

Megan is AlphaFemme's Certified Nutrition Coach.

Megan's nutrition  journey unfolded after spending time competitive cheerleading and in competitive Crossfit.

Megan struggled with an eating disorder and body image issues for most of her life and she stated she "found freedom once I started educating myself around nutrition and how to properly fuel my body."

Megan believes food is one of the longest relationships we will have in this lifetime and she is on a mission to make it a positive one.

Megan's mission is to help clients understand how to appropriately build a proportional plate with many colors and variety, all while giving individuals tools to develop a healthy, sustainable relationship with food.

Megan has a passion for connecting with her clients and getting to know their whole story. She aspires to not only coach you nutritionally, but through the ups and downs of life.

Megan shines brightest when she is coaching mindset around nutrition, life, and the correlation between the two. She likes to ask the deep questions and get clients thinking in a new perspective.

Megan wants to work with the clients that are willing to be vulnerable, ask for what they need,  trust her professional expertise, and commit to the process as she guides the journey of establishing a new lifestyle around health and wellness.

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Education and Experience

  • Bachelors of Art in Public Health 

  • Precision Nutrition L1 certified

  • CrossFit Level 1 certified

  • 1 year of professional nutrition coaching experience

  • Experience in the fields of athletic training and psychology.

  • Head Nutrition Coach for AlphaFemme

  • Holistic Health Coach for AlphaFemme


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