Born to Heal

Cohort 3 launches

July 6, 2020




Born to Heal is a 13 week online E-Course designed and led by yours truly...Danielle.

The goal of Born to Heal is to restore the relationship with your overall emotional, physical, and spiritual health through practices of self compassion and integration of the inner child, as well as negative thoughts, behaviors, and patterns from the past.

Healing = Awareness + Compassion + Forgiveness + Integration + Authentic Desire + Deservability + Inspired Action

I believe that our physical and emotional  capacity is limited to our current level of awareness.

The goal is to use my personal experience, education, and wisdom to guide others as they navigate their own personal expansion back to self in order to begin showing up as the most authentic version of yourself.

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Cohort 3 starts healing!



Over 13 weeks we will work together in order to attain the following objectives:

*Increase awareness around your current behaviors, patterns, beliefs.

*Remove unconscious blocks that interfere with your ability to experience life, connection, and intimacy.

*Understand limiting beliefs and the reasoning behind them.

*Establish your desired feeling states that will guide you through the course material.

*Understand the concept of your psychological "shadow" and learn how this interferes with your highest version.

*Connect with your inner child and learn tools to reparent yourself during times of anxiety, worry, stress, etc.

*Dissect your childhood belief systems related to food, training, relationships, self love, and worthiness.

*Develop a solid foundation of self compassion in order to integrate course concepts for lifelong healing.

*Learn how and what TRUE forgiveness means and practical steps to unconditionally forgive and move on.

*Release disempowering habits, behaviors and patterns.

*Build a solid practice of integrity with self in order to live in alignment with your values.

*Establish boundaries and non-negotiable around your wellness.

*Increase your self-esteem and confidence,.

 *Increase happiness and life fulfillment.

*Begin living  more intentionally

*Integrate the mind/body/spirit



Course Platform:

-The course will be held in Danielle's Thinkific Classroom.

-The video content, notes, and worksheets will be dripped weekly.

-There will be one LIVE group coaching call each week where Danielle will go over the concepts and answer questions. 

-If you miss the group call it will be uploaded in Thinkific following the call.

Individual Coaching:

You will receive 3 personal coaching calls with Danielle

 an introductory call, a mid-course check in, and an exit call

Course Load:

-The syllabus is attached

-Expect 1-2 hours of personal work/journaling/assignments each week

-Would you choose to change your life by spending 36 hours over 3 months?

Access for Life:

-You will have access to the material as the course grows and evolves just like you so you can go back and revisit concepts anytime in your journey!



“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.

It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” ―Robin Sharma

13 weeks for:



2 x $298-or- 3 x $199 -or- 4 x $149

It takes massive courage to invest in yourself.

But, if you have the willingness and commitment to make a change, you can truly open your world to a new way of living life that feels more aligned to you.

More ease, more worthiness, more life is on the other side of that fear thats currently holding you back.

You got this babe... you were BORN TO HEAL.

This is an excerpt from the Abundance Lecture in the FREE mini Born to Heal course.

To access the full lecture click here.



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