At AlphaFemme, we believe movement is medicine.

You are the master of your experience and you deserve an approach to movement dysfunction, injury, and physical limitation that takes into account all of you.

Hi there! I'm Danielle! I'm a Doctor of Physical Therapy, but I have found my niche as a holistic health practitioner incorporating the physical, mental, emotional components into my practice.

I like to call myself an integrative movement doctor. 

Through my experience in athletics, my doctoral education, and vast experiential learning, I began to discover the correlation between health, wellness and a fulfilling lifestyle is far beyond just physiologic sets and reps. 

I implement the same principles and ideals from my physical, mental and emotional self-discovery journey to inspire and lead others towards a positive, well-rounded health and wellness path.

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Meet Dr. Danielle McGinnis

At AlphaFemme we offer two different approaches to your physical healing. 

The first is online TeleRehab, this is for residents of CO only. 

The second is an online movement assessment and coaching.

Submit an inquiry below to discuss online programming options that offer online movement screening in order to address your primary movement dysfunction. 

Front there, I will prescribe progressive exercises to improve your flexibility, mobility, stability, strength, or any other area you a struggling with. 




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