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The mission of AlphaFemme is to offer physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to individuals through our Alpha or Femme coaching methodologies. 

Our goal at AlphaFemme is to offer a light of optimism in a judgement free space to all walks of life. 

At AlphaFemme we coach you with compassion and empathy because everybody on this earth serves a purpose and it is an injustice to not understand your true strengths and gifts. 

Committed to You

I started AlphaFemme because I couldn’t stand that business models in the health and wellness space were neglecting the whole human experience.
I started this business after studying and working for years in business models that were one sided. 

I felt like there was a huge gap in the HOLISTIC, people-centric model to wellness. I knew deep down it was my soul's mission to fill it.

I desire to make every AlphaFemme interaction one that leaves you feeling seen, heard, and met no matter where you are in your journey. If you're not in a place of full self sovereignty, that's okay, you're on your journey of becoming!

 I know what it feels like to feel unheard, to feel alone, to feel misunderstood, to feel used, to feel objectified.
But, it's my job to teach individuals that that is just ONE SIDE of the story.

Alpha Femme’s true purpose is to encompass BOTH or ALL parts of the human experience. You’re a badass AND you're gentle. You're strong AND you're soft. You're devoted AND you’re flexible.  It’s really uncomfortable to sit between the poles of life, but my job is to sit in the discomfort of the middle, expand myself so that I can invite others into that territory. My goal is to help you build a life of ease and grace instead of restriction and obligation.


As you navigate the site and see the different services we provide to pursue our mission, please contact me if you have ANY questions.

Remember, I see you. I hear you. I thank you for being here!


All the love,


Owner and Founder of 

AlphaFemme Human Healing and Optimization




What We Value


We understand that without connection, there is no trust.
Without trust there is no safe space.
We want your journey to be a safe space where you feel seen, felt, and heard no matter what your current story is.



We refuse to stagnate.
Without growth, we are unable to open ourselves to the opportunities that life gives us to serve.



Without authenticity, again, there is no trust.
We want you to feel as if every part of our journey is one rooted in humanity.
That means publicly letting our egos constantly die.
Without the honest portrayal of our journey, we wear masks.
At AlphaFemme, we remove the masks to uncover our true selves.



We firmly believe you have the ability to change your own life, we just assist you with the use of our tools, skills, and coaching.
Through personal integrity, you exclusively hold your own power.


We are rooted in loving kindness.
We have genuine concern for where you stand.
Whatever your problem is, we stand beside you, not above you.


The work we do is not work.
We serve from a place that is life affirming.
Our services provide deep meaning to us and that’s exciting.
Our hope is that our passion is contagious and spreads into areas of your own life.

Interested in working with AlphaFemme,

but have questions?

No worries, email us!


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